Quail Forest

Table of Contents:
1. Forest Lakes Boulevard Project
2. Monthly BOD Meetings
3. Alligators
4. Tree Trimming
5. Spectrum Cable (UPDATED 1/04/19)
6. Homeowner's Insurance
7. Resident Contact Information e-form (UPDATED 1/12/19)
8. Duke Energy Inspections
9. Wildlife Notice
10. Vehicle Safety
11. Traffic Concerns
12. Community Living Standards (UPDATED 2/15/19)
13. Board of Directors Updates (UPDATED 3/21/19)

The Forest Lakes Boulevard project began Monday, Feb. 4 to relieve congestion, Forest Lakes Boulevard will be widened to a four-lane divided roadway with bike lanes and sidewalks on both sides from west of Pine Avenue to east of Race Track Road. Existing traffic patterns will be maintained during construction with lane shifts and detours at the affected intersections. Intermittent nighttime lane closures also will be required. Motorists should use extreme caution in construction zones. Construction is scheduled for completion in July 2021. More information about the project can be found here.

2.MONTHLY BOD MEETINGS: Our usually scheduled 3rd Wednesday of the month meetings will now be held on the 3rd TUESDAY of the month due to scheduling changes at the Country Club.1

3. ALLIGATOR NOTICE: Please report any nuisance alligators to Peggy Semsey at psemsey@mgmt-assoc.com or 813-433-2000. Quail Forest has a prepaid permit with the State of Florida for trapping and relocation of nuisance alligators. Please do not call trappers or authorities on your own. Please be aware of the following: IT IS FLORIDA STATE LAW THAT ABSOLUTELY NO FEEDING OR HARASSING OF ALLIGATORS IS ALLOWED. This includes no fishing for alligators in our ponds.

4. TREE TRIMMING: Please make plans now to schedule any needed tree trimming on your property before the possibility of a violent storm or hurricane.

5. The QF 3 year Bulk Cable contract went into effect on January 01, 2019. ACTION IS REQUIRED by each household to receive your discounts as described in the contract. Click HERE for information and instructions. 

6. HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE: All unit owners please be sure to provide Management and Associates with your declaration page for proof of homeowners insurance. It can be mailed or brokers can email it to Peggy Semsey at psemsey@mgmt-assoc.com.

7. RESIDENT CONTACT INFORMATION EFORM: The Quail Forest Board is emailing all residents, street by street, requesting they complete the Resident Contact Information e-form. Most residents information was last updated in the beginning of 2017. We appreciate everyone's cooperation. Questions can be sent to bod@quailforest.info. Thank you.

8. DUKE ENERGY: Duke Energy is offering free energy inspections that you won't want to miss!  
Please click here for more information. 

9. WILDLIFE NOTICE: Click here to view our wildlife notice.

10. VEHICLE SAFETY: Please be sure to lock your vehicle's doors and keep items out of sight.

11. TRAFFIC CONCERNS: Please drive slowly when exiting Quail Forest near Dale Pl. The deer are out and have been seen darting across Hickory Nut Ave in the mornings from Dale Pl to the stop sign at Palmdale Dr.  

12. COMMUNITY LIVING STANDARDS: The Quail Forest Community Living Standards document has been updated and uploaded to our website. 

13. BOARD OF DIRECTORS UPDATES: The QF Board of Directors has been updated based upon the elections held on March 19, 2019. Please click the "Board and Committees Contacts" button for details.  

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Next Meeting: Board Meeting
Date: Tuesday, May 21, 2019 
Time: 5:30 P.M.

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