Quail Forest

Management and Associates has implemented their new Friday Summer Hours: Open 8 am to 1 pm.​

Hurricane Season is upon us! Here are some helpful links to make sure you are prepared:
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​Re-posted 06/30/16: Please review this information:

1. New Amendments now in effect: The amendments that passed at the March 2016 Annual Meeting have been recorded in Pinellas County as required and are now in effect. A mailing has been sent to all homeowners with a copy of the passed amendments to file with your Quail Forest documents.

These amendments are:
section 2.12 Animals
section 2.37 (Unit One-A) and section 2.38 (unit One-B) Rental Restrictions, which includes: no more than 4 rentals/year, no registered sexual offenders, no unit can be rented if owner is more than 90 days delinquent in association payments transient occupancy is prohibited section 2.38 (Unit One-A) and section 2.39 (unit One-B) Firepits
restricts the installment or use of firepits or similar facility to the back of units only; their use must be in strict compliance with the National Fire Protection Association standards.

2. Electric Box Project Completion: The replacement of the outside electric boxes has now been completed throughout Quail Forest. Pinellas County inspectors are now verifying that all work has been performed in a satisfactory manner.
Some owners have expressed interest in having additional interior electrical work done (at their expense). If you're interested, please call Dan DeFalco at Dunedin Electric (77-773-1622). Dan has offered us a discount for 5 or more residents wanting their interior electric panel replaced. The discounted price would be $1000 plus the permit, which is a savings of $62.40. Contact him for additional information. 

Cluster Homes A & B
Quail Forest Locations: 

Dale Place, Geoffrey Court, Gretchen Court, Hickorynut Avenue, James Court, Joanne Place, Kay Court, Lake Court, Lesley Lane and Thomas Lane
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